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Why Hypnosis Often Dissapoints

People look for hypnosis for every imaginable desire, for intimacy, for confidence, or for weight loss and even for breast enlargement and penile dysfunction.  Everything under the sun.


With all due respect to hypnotherapists, I don’t think hypnosis can do all of that. Hypnosis as a tool or a mental process will help most with  mental issues. Emotional disorders, phobias, to overcome shyness and be a better persuader (which is already a lot). Plus, hypnosis is becoming more and more popular for painless childbirth and surgeries. But, not to enlarge anything, at least not to a noticeable degree! The motto of mind over matter is often misunderstood in this context. To say the least, hypnosis is not a miracle for sale. If you have penile dysfunction due to some limiting belief or phobia, hypnosis will work. If the problem is organic, genetic… there are special fields for each problem, and even if the source problem is mental you have to embed other science fields in your techniques to Increase success rates.


To lose weight you have to burn calories or starve yourself, you can’t just sit idly on a couch and drop pounds. You can convince yourself to exercise more often through hypnosis or to stay motivated because of the placebo effect, but truly, fats don’t disappear because of suggestions but because of exercise. Physical exercise!
Let me tell you this, when I first started learning hypnosis I thought I could do anything with it. I would lie on my bed and send many positive affirmations, yet I kept achieving no results.


Hypnosis is not a magical solution to all of your problems. When I want to sell something, I use conversational hypnosis but mostly important I use proven marketing techniques. And you can tell that I’m right when you hear a hypnotherapist pitch and you don’t buy their material. Sure, they used all of the hypnosis techniques perfectly; however they still couldn’t convince you to buy. That’s a failure. When I want to make a girl fall for me, I don’t use magic spells, I use sophisticated techniques from social dynamics, neurology and other psychology disciplines to close the deal.


You can’t hit someone with a few fancy words and expect them to fall in love with you. People don’t want to feel fooled. They want to be enchanted, but they want also to feel secure and in complete control. Sure, you can get their attention but that only is a small step among other important ones. That is why most hypnotism and NLP based seduction books miserably fail, they want to convince you that by just doing some body language, playing hard and throwing some poetic pickup lines; you can get into their pants. I did that, and I got rejected with all possible scenarios.


How the subconscious really becomes programmed.

There is undeniable evidence that hypnosis changes how the brain operates. When hypnotized, a decrease in left-hemisphere activity occurs in favor of an increase in right-brain activity. However, Hypnosis is only one way among other ways to communicate with the unconscious mind. The technique that generates immediate results and proves itself again and again is taking serious actions.


Actions speak louder than hypnosis.

Your subconscious tries to protect you from harming yourself both physically and emotionally. The interesting fact is that most people are afraid to talk out loud in public more than they are afraid to die.
Reprogramming your mind through affirmations takes a lot of time until the affirmations settle in your subconscious and still it would be considered an obtrusive idea, your subconscious will collect information to validate it and there is no better validation than taking action. People reveal their true selves by the items they buy and the actions they subsequently take.

When someone claims something you often reply: prove it! Your subconscious mind wants to believe you so; prove it! When you take that risk and nothing bad happens, you prove to your unconscious that this is safe, when in fact, no it’s fun. I can do it again. And when your mind believes, your body responds. Your whole emotional state changes and confidence becomes natural and expressed on demand rather forcibly imposed. You can learn more from movement than you can from meditation.

Hypnosis can initiate the need for change and ignite the desire for the outcome but it’s the action that creates the difference.


What I want you to do is go for it, don’t hesitate, never procrastinate. Your subconscious will hold you back, prove it wrong and make it realize that you’re in control. By doing so, you are rewiring your program to work in your favor instead.

Failure is your best friend, and it’s a richer experience. It’s only feedback and you should always see it like that. Go to them, socialize, take risks, make mistakes, and if necessary, move on. The rewards are promising. Doing what others fear to do is what make people react to you, follow you blindly and be enchanted by you. Everyone is silently begging to be led. Become the master of the bold move; and you’ll get exactly what you want.



How to Hypnotize Yourself to Gain Confidence

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are pretty much the same thing, except with some subtle differences. You can hypnotize yourself to confess to your subconscious mind. It’s simple and today I’m going to show you how to perform self-hypnosis anytime you feel the need to.


There are plenty of ways to seek self-improvement, and self-hypnosis is one of the best because it’s completely free, no hassle, no commitment, just 100% relaxation. The more you relax, the deeper you dive in the realm of your infinite imagination. Unlike other self-help gurus teaching their definition to success and virtue, self-hypnosis is your own game. A game that’s tailored to your needs, your terms.


How your unconscious is programmed will determine how you will react in certain situations. So, just as you consider how you interact with others, you have to master communication with your unconscious. You have to befriend your hidden motives. You can hypnotize yourself for many reasons, and for me, the great potential of self-hypnosis is in the ability to control deceptive needs before they become bad habits.


Let’s cut to the chase, in this post I’m going to use the example of confidence. Confidence is the core essence to all of our other greatest assets. I’m not going to talk about the weird stuff people want from hypnosis here on this blog.


Lie down and relax.

Find a place when you can be at ease, a serene place would be perfect. I would prefer you to sit on a chair. Just don’t try to hypnotize yourself when you’re exhausted or up at night late; so you won’t fall completely asleep.


I want you to close your eyes, I want you to focus on your heartbeat, listen to your heart, and feel the blood flowing in your veins. I want you to gently slow it down. Take a deep breath, hold it. Exhale gradually. Again, deep breath… let it go, chunk by chunk, until you feel totally relaxed. The more you feel your heartbeat slows down, the deeper you fall into this state of relaxation. Nothing will distract you, in fact when you hear external sounds; you’ll go deeper and deeper in this state of relaxation.


How to know that you’re hypnotized.

To ensure somnambulism (deep hypnosis state), we’re going to use a suggestibility test followed by a deepener. Any suggestibility test will do the trick, the most commonly known are the heavy arm, the hand clasp or sticking your hand to the wall. In stage hypnosis, the test determines how likely each individual will respond to direct suggestions. Besides, the performer needs a pre-talk and some kind of proof to warm up the audience. In self-hypnosis, suggestibility tests work all of the time, because you alone create your realities. In fact when you get used to hypnotizing yourself, you’ll reach deep relaxation simply by snapping your fingers.


Now, clasp your hands. Imagine them being attached tightly like there is powerful glue locking them together. The more you think about it, the stronger the glue becomes. It is so locked that it would take the power of a hundred men to detach them. In fact, when you keep saying, I can do it, I will separate them, they become even more glued and locked than before. Go ahead and try to unlock them but you simply can’t because the harder you try in vain, you realize that it’s better to relax and instead enter a full state of hypnosis.


This works virtually all the time. If it didn’t work, relax deeper and do it again until you succeed.


The deepener

Now that you’re under hypnosis, we can use a script to go deeper and deeper in hypnosis. This is my personal technique, and you won’t find it anywhere. I do it when I want to reach a very deep state of unconsciousness.

Imagine yourself in an empty desert, day or night, with nothing else around but sand and the clear sky. Now imagine a cube. Your cube is unique to you. See it, focus on it, notice the distance between the two of you. its seize  and the material it’s made of. Take your time and observe it. Now imagine yourself getting closer and closer to the cube. In this cube, there’s a door, and you may enter. Inside the cube there’s nothing but infinite emptiness and a single chair. This chair looks the same as the chair you’re sitting on. Have a seat and relax. Something majestic is happening now… You’re, at this very moment, in the core of your subconscious mind, every breath you take now leads you 10 times deeper and deeper until you simply lose the sense of time and.. space.


By now you are totally hypnotized. You can recite you favorite affirmations but you must keep them positive (say I’m successful instead of I won’t fail), or you can continue with my technique.


Building confidence with the perfect you.

Imagine how the perfect you should look, maybe a little taller, prettier, stronger, smarter, and wealthier. This person doesn’t have your minors, your imperfections or your insecurities. Give him/her all of the unique qualities that you lack and the things you believe will make this version of you an unstoppable force of nature.


Imagine a situation where you would perform badly, a date, perhaps a talk in front of a huge audience, saying no when you need to say no… anything you choose. Now I want you to imagine how this perfect you deals with the same situation. Watch how intelligent and cool he is. See how he’s completely in control of the situation. See how others are fond of him; notice the faces of the masses being mesmerized and enchanted by his elegance and grace.


Now, imagine this perfect you transforms into some kind of blue energy. Imagine yourself absorbing this energy. When you fully have it, you become the perfect you. You feel both glorious and confident.


Get out of hypnosis.

Now, in a few seconds you’ll be out of this hypnosis, you will feel the emptiness, right. Now let there be light. The chair is still the same, your entourage is changing, and your senses are becoming sharper. When you count to three you’ll be fully awake again.

Now whenever you want to feel confident, summon forth this energy. The energy will transform you to into the perfect you. Remember the perfect you is fearless and a real chance taker. Let the better you deal with it instead.

For better results, perform this hypnosis ritual every day, until you reach perfection.



The technique is not some kind of schizophrenia; rather it’s a powerful tool to disassociate you from your ego. What happens is that you bypass the deceptive brain messages like, they will judge me, if only I were wealthier she’d date me…. But when you act like the perfect you, you act as you should instead of what you might think. When you act in the perfect mode, you receive positive feedback from others. This feedback becomes a solid form of proof to show to your subconscious; thus causing it to override your programming. And step by step, the perfect qualities become integrated in you.


3 Best Books and Courses to Learn Conversational Hypnosis

You want to hypnotize someone to do as you command, you want them to tell you their darkest secrets, to like you, to kiss you or even to fall madly in love with you. Maybe you want the admiration from reading their mind or the thrill of messing with their brains. All of this would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Let me guess – you’ve seen a hypnosis therapy session or some cool person on YouTube hypnotizing people to forget their names or stick their hands to the table. You’re lucky. You just landed on the right post because the first thing I need to do is correct some misunderstandings about hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not a tool to make people do something against their will or “without them knowing”, (see how does hypnosis work). Hypnosis is mostly used for therapeutic reasons, such as altering bad habits, treating addiction and overcoming phobias.


The kind of knowledge you should master to meet your goals is covert hypnosis, which is sometimes referred to as conversational hypnosis or Ericksonian hypnosis (coined after Dr Milton Erickson).

Covert hypnosis is a combination of many psychology disciplines, mostly traditional Hypnosis, Mentalism and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). When you watch Derren Brown’s shows, be aware that he uses a variety of psychology principles you can’t spot in just 30 seconds and a set of “rituals” backstage even before the show begins in order to achieve the desired outcome.


Conversational hypnosis is exclusive knowledge that is meant to be out of the public awareness. Wouldn’t it be a stupid thing to teach students in school how you are brainwashing the masses? You’ll find little to no information about covert hypnosis for free; most of the blogs or YouTube channels that cover the topic discuss the gist of things and then sell you something afterwards. Although this article is about resources to help you learn covert hypnosis, I should be totally honest with you – you cannot excel at conversational hypnosis on the first try. This is not how the subconscious mind becomes programmed (see why hypnosis often disappoints).

You need face to face training by a specialist who practices hypnosis in day-to-day life. A coach helps when it comes to guidance on what to do to troubleshoot if something doesn’t go to plan or goes wrong. Training sessions cost between $100 to $300 each. So, by reading comprehensive books or courses about covert hypnosis you’ll understand the fundamentals of hypnosis to have an educated idea. Reading will help you shorten your path to mastering this power. When you get a complete understanding you’ll be able to fully understand how hypnosis changes people, will be able to hypnotize yourself instantly, you’ll be a better seducer and will be more confident. Then you can be in a position where you can decide if you want to take it to the next level. And it will cost you way less when you sign up for a training. Perfecting the techniques within the guides I’m going to recommend right here is enough for you to apply for an accredited certification.


Over the years, I’ve read over 150+ hypnosis books and programs and the resources I’m recommending right now are the finest for a beginner to learn hypnosis in a very short time. You’ll encounter plenty of them but the majority of authors keep repeating hypnosis basics over and over. Other courses are either sophisticated or fluffed with useless stories and narratives. Plus, there are some excellent books I didn’t include because they are oriented towards hypnotherapists. Keep in mind that when I say beginner I don’t mean newbie’s fluff, I am referring to fundamental cores – tools you need to have to begin your hypnosis journey.


The art of covert hypnosis

Whenever someone asks me about a guide to learn hypnosis I always recommend getting The Art of Covert Hypnosis. And when they say “I’ve read the program, is there anything else?” I reply “Read it again!” The Art of Covert Hypnosis is a newbie-friendly program where you can learn all the fundamentals of covert hypnosis: establishing rapport, Erickson model, fractionation, anchoring, what a trance is, how to hack people’s minds by overcoming their logical filters (critical factor), and how to tell if someone is more suggestible to hypnosis. These notions will help you understand any hypnosis, seduction or persuasion routine you encounter. You will be thrilled to discover how conversational hypnosis actually works.

The program comes with quality audio recordings for each chapter, which makes reading easier. Exercises and revision sheets are also included.

By fully understanding the material inside you’ll be able to perform self-hypnosis or you can make your friend’s experience a relaxing trip to their subconscious mind. You’ll be amazed at how many people are willing to experience hypnosis, and they’ll thank you for it too.


The power of conversational hypnosis

Igor Ledochowski is a well-known name in conversational hypnosis. He does not operate in the classic showmanship style you’d like but he teaches you exactly what you need not only to perform covert hypnosis, but to be a better version of you. This will shift your beliefs about how the world operates and how people perceive reality. Getting to know frames will help you win arguments and face the world with a solid state of mind. When you learn reframing you’ll be able to make anything mean anything; you can also manipulate your social status and position yourself as the expert, which is necessary for hypnosis.people should believe that you can hypnotize them.

Having the ability to mess with people’s feelings and inner desires is a force you should use with elegance. I’m not the protector of moralities to tell you what to do with the knowledge you’ll acquire but from experience for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law). When you master these skills you get that urge to show your supremacy and influence over others and show them how artful and cunning you are, and that’s plain wrong. A rule of thumb in psychology is to make people feel good about themselves. If you make people experience bad feelings they’ll find a way to punish you and isolate you, and that is for sure something you want to avoid. Just as you can use NLP patterns for good, you can also use them to make someone experience depression, guilt and fear.

The power of conversational hypnosis is quite advanced compared to the art of covert hypnosis so I don’t want to tell you what you’ll learn, but I will tell you to be careful about what you use because this is powerful stuff. And again, read this program deliberately three or four times. The course is structured in a perfect way because every chapter explains another in a better way. When you start getting good at this you’ll understand what I mean.

The only drawback I see for The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is the sales page. It’s silly and it doesn’t reflect the quality of the insights and knowledge within the book, nor does it reflect the status of Igor Ledochowski as a master hypnotist. Igor has some other excellent programs but The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is the best for getting started with.


Jeff Stephens Hypnosis Video Workshop

This is the closest program to real coaching available today. The video workshop is centered on hypnosis and only hypnosis. This will give you a clear idea about all the details that happen during hypnosis. If you took a look at The Art of Covert Hypnosis or The Power of Conversational Hypnosis you’ll find the fundamentals in this course repetitive but you’ll get to see those notions in action as he demonstrates them with his students in the workshop. Jeff’s material is endorsed by many good hypnotists including Igor Ledochowski himself.

Jeff teaches unorthodox ways of inducing quick “trances” and reveals some of his deepening techniques. It’s a great course but I only wish the videos were of a higher quality.



Each of these programs cost $197. You may argue that it’s a little bit overpriced, but actually it’s not. If you would like to take live trainings you will pay 7 to 8 sessions (more than 1k) before getting into understanding the fundamentals (not including the expenses of traveling and residence if you don’t have certified hypnotists nearby!). By reading these guides you’ll save both money and time.

If you have no clue about hypnosis Get The Art of Covert Hypnosis. If you are familiar with NLP jargon, I strongly recommend The Power of Conversational Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski. If you are intermediate in hypnosis get Jeff’s video workshop. You can walk away or you can prove that you are serious about changing your life.